Student Clubs
Piedmont Classical High School is committed to offering a full slate of extracurricular activities to its students. Below is a list of the current clubs available at PCHS. Our clubs are student driven with adult sponsorship so there is ample opportunity to explore a wide range of student interests and pursuits. Please contact the sponsor directly for more information about club activities, meeting dates / times, and participation requirements.

Club NameDescriptionSponsor
Art ClubThe Art Club is an after school activity that provides materials, instruction, and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule. Amy Charbonneau
BETA ClubThe National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. And for more than 80 years, it has prepared today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. This organization has helped nearly seven million students learn how to make a life for themselves- and, since 1991, it has awarded over $5 million in scholarships. There are now more than 450,000 active members and more than 8, 750 clubs nationally and internationally. Come out and be a part of something big. Join today and see your future grow.Megan Smith
Campus LifeThe Campus Life club combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Campus Life is a Christian based non-denominational youth organization in about 180 areas and 2,000 schools. Along with events and trips, our weekly meetings address the issues teenagers face and relate those topics to basic Christian principles. Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are and provides a safe, fun place for their child where they will be accepted, encouraged to make good decisions and provided positive opportunities.Robert George
Cooking ClubLearn cooking techniques and skills! This club meets off-site throughout the year at various restaurants and bakeries for lessons and one-on-one instruction in the art of cooking and baking. Joann Varsi
Creative WritingThe Creative Writing Club aims to present students with opportunities to write creatively across the genres, and to improve general exposition skills. The Creative Writing club will meet twice a month to workshop pieces, learn effective writing techniques, and share finished work. The club also hopes to compete in local contests, and host two formal readings in a coffee-shop like setting.Erin Pellarin
Multicultural ClubThe Multicultural Club goals are designed to develop student’s understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and their impact in society. Students will also be given an opportunity to gain experience in the practical application of these concepts through community projects. There will be volunteer opportunities, rich cultural learning opportunities, community leadership presentations, films, social entrepreneurship classes, leadership development, and much more. TBD
Newspaper ClubThe Newspaper Club provides students with a way to express themselves creatively. It also allows students to get the word out about what fabulous things are going on in our school community. If you have a nose for news or just curious, come on out and be a part of what is happening.Mary Lou Nance
Out of the GardenOf Guilford County Schools’ 73,000 students, 67% (as of 2015) receive free or reduced price lunches and breakfasts. Out of the Garden is a local charity organization devoted to changing this stark hunger statistic by providing food and hope for every child and family in Guildford County. Every month, PCHS students lend their assistance by collecting food, helping manage food inventory in the Out of the Garden warehouse, and prepare food and packages to be delivered to our local schools. This volunteer activity provides each participating student an opportunity to make a real difference to their community.Tara Culbertson
Joann Varsi
Outdoor ClubThis club is designed for students who enjoy various aspects of the great outdoors. As a club we will participate in various day trips such as hiking, kayaking, etc. Megan Smith
Paint Ball ClubThe Paintball Club is formed by a group of students who enjoy recreational paintball. To join our group no experience is required – just desire to have fun, work as a team, and form new friendships. We do have some fundraising activities to help offset the cost of participation. Mary Catherine Saurer
Red Dog FarmRed Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network is a charity dedicated to the rehabilitation, fostering, and adoption of animals of all types and sizes. The homeless animals in our rescue network are spread out all over Guilford, Forsyth, and Rockingham counties in the care of volunteer foster families. The students at PCHS Friends of Red Dog Farm club help with various adoption events to educate the community about Red Dog Farm adoptable animals and participates in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. The money and donations the club receives goes toward veterinary expenses as well as the food and nutrition needed for all the adoptable animals. Tara Culbertson
Science Olympiad ClubEvery month students will learn about science and engineering concepts in preparation to complete in the science Olympiad Competition in Greensboro this February. Students will design and build their own models for competition. This is also a chance to explore the world of science in a carefree atmosphere.Vivienne McCaffrey
Speech and Debate ClubSimilar to athletic sports, speech and debate activities are challenging, competitive in nature, and require regular practice, coaching, dedication, and hard work. Speech involves a presentation by one, two, or sometimes a group of students that is judged against a similar type of presentation by others in a round of competition. Debate involves an individual or a team of debaters working to effectively convince a judge that his or her side of a resolution is, as a general principle, more valid. Often, students put their skills into action during tournaments. The PCHS Speech and Debate Club provides a forum to build on these skills as well as develop friendships, increase self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, expand on their research abilities, experience teamwork, and most importantly have fun. Thomas Boddie
Student CouncilPiedmont Classical High School Student Council is an opportunity for elected students to come together and rally school spirit and support for the student body. Serving as a member of the Student Council is a great opportunity to provide service to the school. Out Council Members must show good citizenship, character, and scholarship. Having these character traits, our members show empathy towards the needs of others, are good role models, and give 100% in the classroom. These responsibilities make a quality Student Council that fosters the needs and growth of the student body. Gwen Staunton
Video Game ClubThe goal of the Video Game club is to facilitate competition, teamwork, and respect through video games in addition to providing a place for fun and camaraderie of a shared love of gaming.Tara Cook