Faculty Directory

Suzanne Albanese

Spanish I, II, III, and IV

Andrew Beckman

American History, World History, & AP Human Geography

Charles Crickmore

Advanced Functions and Modeling, Geometry, and Physical Science

Amy Charbonneau

Art and Photography

Stacey Coleman

EC Resource

Amber Cox

Algebra I, Algebra II, and AP Statistics

Tara Culbertson

Biology and AP Biology

Katie Fennell

English 9, English 11, and Rhetoric

Annette Gilliam

Exceptional Children Coordinator

Kristin Hill

Algebra II, Geometry, and Precalculus

Jeff Hunt

English 11, English 12, and AP English 12

Andrew Kiste

World History, Yearbook, and AP US History

Justine Lewis

Earth and Environmental, and AP Earth and Environmental

Dr. Jarrid Looney

Latin I, II, and III

Jennifer Martin

Physical Education

Vivienne McCaffrey

Physical Science, Physics, AP Physics, and Study Hall

Robyn McLaughlin

Drama, Logic, and Theatre Appreciation

Lindsey Norton

APES, Honors Earth Science, and Study Hall

Erin Pellarin

English 10 and AP English 11

Megan Smith

Advanced Functions and Modeling, Algebra I, and Algebra II

Gwen Staunton

English 9, English 10, and AP Psychology

Scott Tyson

American History and Civics and Economics